Dark Comedy

2 women | 1 man | 1 violinist


When Pepper and her husband Salvatore meet Delia, a volatile triangle of dark, passionate and comic twists and turns is put in motion. Sal, the hotshot new professor on campus teaches Faust: the story of a man who sells his soul to the devil. This cautionary tale begins to play out in their lives the moment Sal insists Delia become friends with his wife, setting off a chain of events that sends all three down a dangerous path.


When faced with your demons, what are the choices you’ll make to save yourself? What do you want? What do you deserve? What can you get away with?


Full Length Musical

10 principals | Ensemble (approx. 26 roles, not all speaking)


Full length musical. “Swipe” is the story of young New Yorkers making their way up in a city that can seem like it’s trying to keep you down. A symphony of living urban poetry told through their story and song, in a piece created especially for the students of BMCC, Bureau of Manhattan Community College. In “Swipe,” we share their challenges and beautiful moments with love, money, identity, dreams, school, neighborhood, art, and the heart.”


Full Length Comedy

4 Women | 4 Men


The hilarity, war, and regular mayhem of family life spin out of control when the financial crisis hits and the Mackey family is forced to make big changes. Everything is off. Dad’s in pajamas. Nothing is as it's supposed to be. In the midst of it all - the youngest girl takes it upon heself to out a predator. In this teetering world run by adults, It takes the kids (and cat and dog) to set things straight. Daring those they love most to be not just heroes - but superheroes

When hard times hit the Mackey family, the kids and their pets hit back.


One Act (fifty minutes)

1 woman | 1 man


The night of the big fight, Michael and Ana had no communication till six months later. Hearing Michael's painting career was on the downslide, Ana took pity on him and hired him to paint the studio apt. they shared for four years - to prepare it to sell. She leaves for a couple days, to find he had indeed painted. But not the color she left. The images covering every wall, celling and fixture catapults them into a passionate, poetic, and volatile reunion - battle - driven by an unquenchable thirst only they together can satisfy. All happens to the beat of the live congero on stage - who charts the beats of their drumming hearts.

Passionate reunion of a couple, where art is more than just painting on a wall. A live conga player charts the beats of their hearts.

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*Two versions available: With Spanish and without


One Act Comedy

1 Woman | 1 Man


When Christina runs out of her incredibly expensive face cream the day of her daughters wedding, all hell breaks loose with her husband, who ends up conquering her fear of aging with unconditional love - and a tango.


*Two versions available: With Spanish and without


One Act Comedy

3 women


Three cuban American sisters face a dilemma when one of them decides to move into the bathroom.


Full Length Play with Music. 

Original score and lyrics by Maggie Diaz Bofill

3 Women | 3 Men


A fantastical film noir play with music, narrated by two angels who chart Polly Lou's journey, as she searches for her sister Boo Boo - who's fate is being held in the hands of the man who turns out to be a deadly wolf.


Ten Minute Play.

One Character | All other characters are played by musical instruments

A play about a boy dealing with his mom's cancer.